Thinking about when you have leverage in negotiation

I really like this article from The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor, because it includes many examples of how teams taking a short-term view have "lost" negotiations to teams focused more long-term.  

O'Connor also provides a nice discussion of power, or what he terms leverage, in negotiation, noting that: "When it comes to trading a star, it’s important to enter the market at the right time — not so early that there’s no competition among offers, but not so late that opposing teams know you’re desperate to move your player."

This emphasizes that what matters in negotiation is not what power you THINK you have, but rather how much power other parties are giving you.  Thinking about and analyzing power in this way will help you determine when to go to your boss for a raise, when to buy a new car, or when to get your kid to do their homework.