Research Interests

My interests lie in the processes surrounding how and why individuals psychologically attach to others and to collectives, including groups, units, and organizations. An attachment can be thought of as a high quality reciprocity-based relationship, as a sense of identification with a social group, or even the willingness to cooperate with a group or collective. The necessary condition is that an entity separate from the individual is salient and relevant to that individual, and the individual is motivated to behave in terms of that separate entity, not necessarily only for their self-interest.  This is why understanding attachments is so critical – individuals are constantly faced with decisions where they must decide whether to support another person, group, or the organization rather than support themselves. This ability to create strongly identified individuals who are motivated by their attachments to teams and to co-workers is a hallmark of high quality organizations. Understanding attachment gives us a lens to see how individual actors make these decisions. 

Key Research Articles

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